VVVVVV (6 Vs) is a game created by Terry Cavanagh (in the indie group distractionware). The game is about a group of scientists, captains, professors and much more that travel in a space ship until it crashes, after that, the Captain, named Viridian, must save his friends and get out of the strange dimension. The game is strongly devoted to the 8-bit Commodore 64 era. The game was first released to PC, but now it can be played on Android, 3DS, Mac, Linux and iOS. After version 2.0, Terry released a free-to-play version, which didn't included his original levels, but the complete level editor and player levels system.

VVVVVV moved on from Flash engine to C++ after Update 2.0.

Fun Fact: The sountrack for VVVVVV is called PPPPPP because all of the song names start with P.