Yes, I know Scott said there wouldn't be. However, it seems he is trolling us. Why? Within the same post, he stated that he didn't fill FNAF4 with random secrets, like with the other three. Uh, really?

1983 secret

IV pill secret

Toy animatronics secret

20/20/20/20 mode (Night 8) secret

He DID fill FNAF4 with random secrets, like with the other games. Yet he said he didn't, in the SAME post that he said no FNAF5. Since he lied about the secrets, wouldn't it be plausible that he lied about FNAF5 as well?

(Go to FNAF4 on steam and click on the FNAF world post)

Also, later on, he continually lied saying that there would be a rainbow tomorrow. Once ONCE did he tel the truth about it. Perhaps this means in the FNAF world post, only ONCE he told the truth. We clearly see FNAF World teasers, so this is likely the time he told the truth in this teaser. FNAF5... May in fact be coming..

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