0:16-Uh, the animatronics can roam once the night begins. You mean every DAY? *ding*

0:33-Yeah, we just want to give you a suit. *gnid*

0:38-Uh, scratch that. No, it's not your ROLE to do such, and a suits never mentioned in this verse. I'm adding back that sin, and adding another one for inconsistency. *ding* *ding*

0:48-He's not defending anyone. The entire point is, you're stuffed in a suit because you have no costume on, and that's against the rules. Listen to that Phone Guy, will ya? *ding*

0:51-Uh, no. First, you have seven, not five. *ding*

Second, no way anyone would know that until Mike got 'fired'. *ding*

Third, you have seven nights to do what? Put on your costume? Uh, no, you have until 6AM by the rules. *ding*

Fourth, you HAVE to be in Freddy Fabzears Pizza as an Endoskelton. Are you suggesting we DON'T see this Endoskelton as.. and Endoskelton? I don't think endoskletons can leave the pizzeria. *ding*

1:30-You just said they had five nights, why are you suprised? *ding*

1:35-He CAN'T, okay? *ding*

Sin Tally-9

Sentence-GOLDEN FREDDY. (Fredbear)

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