0:35-You really think KILLING people is how you make friends? Uh, NO!! *ding*

0:50-Purple Guy, YOU are that soul. *ding*

1:10-You killed people, and didn't want that? *ding*

1:14-You want him to leave out alive? Alright, why? If he's an animatronic, then he is supposed to stay. Animatronics aren't supposed to leave thier buildings, even as an endoskleton. Also, why aren't you gonna stuff him? It's against the rules for him to have no costume on! (Springtrap's jumpscare) If he's human, why do you want him to leave if you're trying to KILL him, as yet another victim? (Once again, Springtrap's jumpscare.) *ding*

1:28-You've just proven my point. Stop being inconsistent here. *ding*

After all this, we just get the whole thing over again. Stop being so repititive, we get your point, even though it's awful! *ding*

Sin Tally-6

Sentence-Your place, Fazbear Fright, catches on fire after Night 6.

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