Wow, the title is great! Springtrap is the main animatronic here and not Freddy! Minus one sin, brining us for the first time into negative sins! *gnid*

0:15-When you pull down the camera after seeing a phantom, the jumpscare is instantaneous. In the video, Phantom BB stands there. *ding*

Also, phantoms are ghosts. Phantom BB couldn't be kicked away. *ding*

0:35-Animatronics don't breathe. *ding*

0:49-That does not look like Phantom Mangle. *ding*

0:50-The Cupcake is not in FNAF3. Wow, we got to negative sins, but the sin count isn't gonna be as low as I thought. *ding*

Bonnie is dismantled, Remeber? *ding*

Clone. *ding*

Why is Purple Guy here, over 20 years later? Shouldn't he still be in jail from the murder, or dead inside Springtrap, depending on which one it is? *ding*

1:13:The head would kill him. Also, the Chica on his shoulder is unnecessary. *ding*

1:45:There is no cat in FNAF3. *ding*

Sin Tally:9

Sentence:PURPLE GUY.

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