Spoilers! (duh!)

0:10-Ending theme at the start? Really? *ding*

0:36-Foxy is supposed to be at Pirate Cove. *ding*

1:05-No reason to NAME a prison "The Worst Prison in Broklyyn". *ding*

1:40-The sin here is two-fold. First, they seem to run fine without battery for 6 whole hours! Yet here we see them run out within less than 10 minutes. *ding* And second, I'm pretty sure in prison they don't KILL you. But it's not a good place to be at. *ding*

2:24-The guy who was put in the trash looks more like Golden Freddy and not normal Freddy. *ding*

2:30-Springtrap, you're PURPLE GUY. Why would you help the same kid you killed? *ding*

2:50-So you're telling me that FNAF2 is a sequel, AND that it takes place during the bite of 87. Get your facts straight, is it a sequel or a prequel? *ding*

4:40-The only reason why the animatronics are alive are because they're haunted by a child soul. Are you suggesting Bonnie and Chica go around killing all these people? If so, that makes them just like Purple Guy! *ding*

7:50-Excuse me?! *ding*

8:25-Hey guys, you do know there might be some good ones, right? *ding*

10:15-Springtrap, stop breaking the fourth wall. *ding*

11:30-The time machine gets destroyed when you arrive? That sucks! *ding*

17:05-Really? The CUPCAKE? *ding*

Sin Tally-13

Sentence-FNAF2 and 3. (13 nights)

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