Well, we had a TIE. So I had to use an RNG to break it. Withered Models it is!

So, we were at Fredbear and Friends, 1986, (3 years after the ad with us in), and the four of us were broken down, and deactivated in quick sucession, it was probably aging. (Combined with what the kids did as well. Otherwise we'd be withered in the FNAF3 minigame.) You see, know how kids like touching around with Toy Foxy? They did the same with Bonnie before, breaking his face. That sent him away.. Next came Chica and Foxy when someone messed with Foxy, and made him bang Chica's arm with his ear, breakimg both of those. As for me? I'm really not that withered. Fazbear Entrrtianment just sent me away because how can we have a band with only ONE member? Me and my friends had a band ALONGSIDE Fredbear, he was only with Foxy. Two bands, one restarunt. That's why SpringBonnie joined in the first place. To give Fredbear a new partner. Well, part of why. The other being that the new shipments arrived!

Later on, where we were sent away became a toy location.. We were abandoned.. We thought we'd never return.. This is why we didn't witness the Bite of 87, and why I had to theorize on who did it for SO long. I didnt see it.

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