Yes, I have reached 1000 edits!Alright, before I begin on my reaction about Bonnie ignoring the endo, I'd like to say something ding the Q&A. If you Remeber the old wiki, I had a Q and A for 10K edits. Well, since I'm not on that wiki anymore, that ended the Q&A, which is not what I intended. So, I will make a thread for the Q&A here instead. I'll edit this post and give you the link when I create it. Also, the reason why I didn't make a blog post about FNAF World being released early was because I knew it was a troll. Why get us hyped up for just a reskin of one of Scott's other games?

Anyways, that Bonnie.. Bonnie, what are you doing?! Look, that endoskeleton is still an endo, and WHAT does he do?! He just walks by it like its nothing. Really?! REALLY BONNIE? Did you not see the endo RIGHT THERE to stuff into many costumes in that same room?!

Yeah, Bonnie.. The craziest animatronic in the group. Springtrap is the evilest, Bonnie is the craziest. Wait, they're both Bonnies.. O_O At least nothing's wrong with TOY Bonnie!

I have never seen anyone do something that crazy. Walking by an endoskeleton, RIGHT THERE, and walking away like its nothing. He's like the reverse of Foxy, who likes jumpscaring endoskeletons that already HAVE thier costumes on!

Bonnie, just because I said there is an endoskeleton in the office, doesn't mean you shouldn't look for others! That one endoskeleton is just as important to stuff s any other. It's just as good to stuff the one in Backstage and miss the office one, as it is to miss the Backstage and get the office guy. (Ideally you should get both!)

And judging by it being so easy to just STUFF it, it shouldn't be something you MISS!

EDIT:Q and A here:

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