Here are the rules (admins, feel free to include any rules that are necessary!

(This will be updated by admins at will. Be sure you reload the page before reading!)

1. I don't want arguing on this wikia. I will ban users who start a petty argument over something outside the RP. If the argument is about a franchise, game character, etc., is OK. But if it's about which is a better name for a gerbil, Gregory or Jim, then you will first receive a warning. Then you will receive a block of any time length, based on the argument. Then you will be banned from the wikia altogether.

2. I don't want insane crossovers. A crossover of 1-5 franchises is OK, but something like a Mario-Sonic-Kirby-Zelda-Metroid-Pokemon-FNaF-Portal Crossover is not OK. You will receive a warning, a block (timed based on the number of franchises), then a ban from the wikia.

3. I only have admins that are friends of mine. I don't want people constantly bugging me over "Can I be an admin?" or "What does it take to be an admin?" If I don't know you on the wiki, and you ask me for admin you will receive a warning, then a block, then a ban.

4. Bullying is not tolerated on this wiki. If I see you bullying another person, you will receive a block, then a ban, unlike to the rules listed above. Bullying is a serious thing and I don't want it here. This wikia is meant for fun, not conflict.

5. Disrespecting this wikia's staff is not tolerated either. Like rules 1-3, you will receive a warning, then a block, then a ban.

6. I don't want to see any of this kind of crap! (Not disrespecting Fangle. I like Fangle) I.E. Fanart. Use a link. Not the uploader. It's fine if it's an official picture from a game or something, but not this stuff



Foxy x mangle by the5nights-d8tlm2u

Please.. don't...

Please don't. You get a warning, then a block, then a ban.

(Admins, feel free to add rules! But please use proper grammar, or nobody will understand you.)