Fazbear Boys:Stage Show Rocks! will be a sequel to Fazbear Boys. Depending on whether Fredbear retrieves the microphone in time or is defeated by Purple Guy, it can go one of two ways. If Fredbear manages to defeat Purple Guy and force him to leave, then the sequel will mainly be about the Shadow animatronics gaining power from the human world, while a competition for how great your team is at Rock n' roll transpires. If in Fazbear Boys Fredbear FAILS to recieve the microphone, and Purple Guy WINS, then.. Well, Puppet himself will be the one entering the portal, and ending up in a world where Purple Guy is praised for winning, and the place is partially (not FULLY, but partially) under power of Purple Guy, with Puppet only getting the other half, and the animatronic Puppet would need to restore it, and to gain all this power to stop Purple Guy and overthrow him.. The first step is winning the Rock 'N Roll contest.